Mobile Augmented Reality for Spatial Navigation

This project investigated and developed a concept augmented reality mobile application for the navigation of Bunratty Folk Park (an outdoor museum), focusing on the design of a useable interface for the user.

The goal of the research was to investigate if a context (location) aware system would be useful in Bunratty Folk Park as a museum guide. This navigational aid had to be designed specifically for the Bunratty visitor to ensure a usable system. Using human centred design methodologies, concept designs are developed and tested with users.

This work focused on several aspects of design, using qualitative research methods, focusing on user experience design and the iterative design process.

Please find the full report here.

Bunratty Folk Park High Fidelity Prototype
High Fidelity Prototype
Design Process
Understanding the User
Developing Personas and Scenarios
Developing Functionality
Designing the Interface
Iterative Design
Low Fidelity Prototyping
Paper Prototyping
Powerpoint Prototyping
Aesthetic Design Development
High Fidelity Prototyping