panoramic shot of Kilkenny Airfield

Introductory Flight

Our introductory flight package is a great way to taste the freedom, thrill, and just plain fun of piloting an airplane. You’ll feel like a kid again the first time you lift off and see Kilkenny and the surrounding areas from a whole new perspective.

At Kilkenny Flying Club, our introductory flight package is intended for those who have an interest in learning what it takes to become a pilot. It’s an instructional and hands-on opportunity.

What to Expect

Your experience will start with an introduction to the essentials of flying with an instructor. He or she will teach you the basics of flying an airplane, review the cockpit controls, and explain how they affect the aircraft’s flight.

After that, you’ll prepare for your flight. Your instructor will show you how to perform the pre-flight safety inspection, and you will be ready for takeoff!

When the aircraft has reached a safe altitude, the instructor will give you control of the aircraft, and you will fly the airplane yourself and experience the true thrill of piloting a plane. Your instructor will handle takeoff and landing.

If you live in the vicinity of the airport, and depending on the duration of the flight and the constraints of Air Traffic Control, it may be possible to arrange a flight over your home.

Subsequent flying lessons available.